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Application Process

An overview of the normal application process is:

  1. Fill out our Expression of Interest Form, which is available from either the AWIS website or from the School Office. This can be submitted either on line or as a hard copy. A separate expression of interest is required for each child.
  2. The information will be reviewed by our admissions staff to ensure it meets our Entry Requirements. Details for you and your children will then be added to the Waiting List for the specific Year Group applied for. You will then be kept updated with details of any Open Days, assessment dates and given the opportunity to  view the school, if you wish.
  3. As places become available, your child will be invited to come in to school for an assessment - see the Assessment Process section below. An Assessment Fee of QR500 is payable at this time.
  4. Parents will normally be informed by email of the result of the assessment within 48 hours. Any offer of a place is valid for one week from the date of the offer. See the Assessment Results section below
  5. The non-refundable one-off Registration Fee must be paid to confirm acceptance of an offer. This is currently QR2,000 for Foundation Stage and QR2,300 for Years 1 to 6. Payment of the fee guarantees your child's school place. An AWIS Application Form must be fully and accurately completed and submitted, together with all supporting documentation, before the child commences school.  See the Acceptance of an Offer section below.

Assessment Process

All students are required to undertake an assessment as part of the admissions process. These assessments are primarily designed to ensure our curriculum is matched to the needs of our student body but can also help us determine the most appropriate year group for applicants from different educational systems. Overseas applicants are asked to sit the assessment on arrival into the country. 

You will receive details for the relevant Year Group, including the subjects to be assessed and how this will be done,  at the time your child is invited for an assessment.

Foundation Stage:

FS1 and FS2 (KG1 & KG2) students are invited for a brief assessment with a member of the Early Years team who will observe the child to see if they are socially ready for school. We will only accept children who are fully toilet trained as they start school. The child will be given an opportunity to play and interact with the teachers and children. FS2 candidates will be asked to draw a picture and do some simple counting activities.  The assessments normally take about 20 to 30 minutes.

Milepost 1:

Year 1 & 2 students are asked to sit an assessment on a selection of Maths and English related questions and takes about 30 - 40 minutes to complete. Information related to the assessment is available beforehand.

Milepost 2:

Year 3 to 6 students are asked to sit an assessment, which is split into Reading, Writing and Maths. This takes about 1 hour to complete. Information related to the assessment is available beforehand.

Assessment Results

The result of the assessment process will normally be emailed to parents within 48 hours of the assessment date. The result will typically be one of the following:

  • firm offer of a place in school, with a confirmed class and start date
  • successful outcome in the assessment, but remaining on the waiting list until a firm offer of a start date can be confirmed. Note we do not assess students unless there is a realistic prospect of a place becoming available, but it can take time to establish the exact number of vacancies we have available
  • a regret that we are unable to offer a place

Acceptance of an Offer

Where a place is offered, the offer is valid for one week. If it is not accepted within that time the offer lapses so that we can accept the next person of our waiting list.

To accept the offer of a place, parents are required to pay the Registration Fee to guarantee their child's place.

An AWIS Application Form must also fully and accurately completed and submitted before the child can be allowed to commence school. This is available for download here, or may hard copies may be collected from the School Office. The consent section, which includes our fee policy and parental undertaking must be read carefully and signed. All requested documentation (e.g. RP and passport copies) should also be submitted. Relevant information relating to medical complaints including allergies or dietary requirements must be declared, along with any documented special needs. Medical reports and/or educational psychologists' reports must be submitted with the form, if appropriate.

The full list of required supporting documentation is:

  • a copy of the student's passport and Qatar residence permit
  • a copy of the father's passport and Qatar residence permit
  • a copy of the student's most recent school/nursery report, including comments on academic and social progress. If the report is not in English, you must provide a translation with the original.
  • a copy of the student's immunisation record
  • any relevant documentation relating to medical complaints
  • any relevant documentation relating to special educational needs and/or educational psychologists' reports

Completed Application Forms and supporting documentation can be submiited in person at the School Office, or emailed to