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Our Treasure Hunt in FS1

Following the footprints, walking through sinking sand, crawling through a scary cave, over a rickety bridge, through a dark tunnel..........we found the treasure!

Investigating Shapes in FS2

Students in FS2 have been busy investigating shapes:

Day 1: Looking at and discussing shapes in the classroom. Counting edges and corners. What makes them different?
Day 2: Finding shapes in our environment. Taking lots of photographs.
Day 3: Sorting photographs to make a book. Miss Kay loves our new book! 

Signage Goes Up

The signage goes up on the first of the school buildings later this week, so this will make us easier to locate.

Details of our location and how to reach us are located here. However, if anybody is still having difficulty please call us on 33651680 for directions.

Refurbishment Works

The location for the new school is now fixed and re-furbishment works are about to start to fit it out as a quality school.

We have taken two adjacent villas across the road from Qatar University. These will be modifed over the summer to include the necessary fire and safety systems, external shading, playground equipment etc.


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