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The IPC........... great learning, great teaching, great fun!

We are a British-style international school following a curriculum carefully adapted to meet the needs of a diverse student body.

Our core curriculum is the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), a cross-curricular, thematic curriculum that incorporates much of the new research into learning styles.  It has been validated by the University of Bath, England and taught in over 1,500 IPC schools in 85 countries across the world. The curriculum helps develop a growing understanding of the unique features of each subject, whilst also illustrating their interdependence.  It has a strong focus on internationalism, while incorporating sufficient flexibility to be adapted to include the unique characteristics of the host nation. At the heart of the IPC is a central bank of over 90 units of work.  This gives us the flexibility to select units of work that are relevant and stimulating to our students.  Each unit is themed, combining a progression of activities spanning each of the main subject areas and tightly coupled with resources, learning goals and assessment.

The IPC is supplemented by external schemes for numeracy (Maths) and literacy (English). Our core mathematics programme is the Abacus Mathematics Scheme – a comprehensive and well-respected Primary maths scheme widely used in the UK and international schools. This is supplemented with regular opportunities for students to become competent users of the language of mathematics, who can begin to use it as a way of thinking, as opposed to seeing it as a series of facts and equations to be memorized.

For English, our main reading scheme is the Oxford Reading Tree; this is supplemented with a range of reading materials that meet the needs and interest of our student body. Jolly Phonics is a structured phonics programme that supports spelling and grammar, while ‘Big Writing’ by Ros Wilson is the bedrock for our writing programme.

Arabic language and Qatari history and culture are taught to all, with students streamed by Arabic language ability. Qataris and other Arabic speakers are taught in Arabic, while international students are in a separate English language class.

Islamic studies are taught in Arabic to all Muslims.