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Entry Requirements

AWIS is an international school that welcomes applicants from all cultures and academic abilities. The school does not set out to be academically selective so has no minimum entry requirements as such. All applicants are assessed in a manner appropriate to their age to ensure they are ready for school, will benefit from (and contribute to) the learning environment we offer, and can be fitted in to a class appropriate to their stage of development.

For students entering Foundation Stage, we are looking for sufficient social skills and maturity to be ready to leave the home environment and enter formal schooling.

For students entering the school in higher year groups, we are assessing their existing abilities in English (spoken and written) and Mathematics, as well as their social skills. There is no pass or fail cut-off, but we have to ensure students are placed in a cohort appropriate to their needs or, in certain cases, are provided with the additional support after joining the school to close any gaps identified in their skills.


We emphasise that we have high expectations of all our students. Given their young age, this places a corresponding obligation on their parents to model exemplary behaviour and partner with the school to nurture the development of these young people.

With that in mind, the admissions process is designed to look for the following traits in applicants:

  • Eagerness to learn. With the right attitude and determination, any student can achieve
  • Rounded education. We are looking for students willing to work hard and contribute to all aspects of school life, including academic, sporting, cultural and social.
  • Teamwork. Our curriculum emphasises collaborative learning, a skill that research has shown to be essential for future success.

Qatar ID

As discussed under Entry Requirements, no school is allowed to register a student who cannot provide a valid Qatar ID.

Minimum Age Requirements

Our cut-off date for each academic year is 30 September. This means that to join Foundation Stage 1, your child must be over 3 years of age by 30 September of that academic year. There are no exceptions to the minimum age requirement. 

If you are unsure of what Year Group your child should be applying for, please contact us with details of their date of birth.