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School Admissions

Limited availability in Foundation Stage (KG) and Years 1 to 6
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Limited availability in Foundation Stage (KG) and Years 1 to 6

Registrations are now open for students to join us in Foundation Stage 1 (KG1) to Year 6 for the new academic year. Please note that we only have very limited availability in all year groups, so parents are urged to apply at the earliest. 

Details of the admissions process and a downloadable application forms are available on this site. Alternatively, fill in an Expression of Interest form and our admissions team will be in touch shortly.

Students need a valid Qatar ID

All schools in Qatar are regulated by the Ministry of Education, who impose certain rules on all schools regarding student admissions. Parents should be aware that it is against their regulations for schools to register any student who does not have a valid Qatar ID.

This has serious implications if you and your family are new to Qatar. You need to allow time from arriving in the country for the father (normally the father, but can also be the wife) to complete residency proceedings before he can begin the process of applying for residency for the rest of the family. This process can take a considerable amount of time, during which the children are unable to attend school.

If you are moving to Qatar, we recommend you take advice from your employer about timescales as the length of time taken to complete residency for the whole family varies substantially depending upon circumstances.

Acorn Nursery

If applying to join us from Acorn Nursery, please be sure to let our admissions staff know. We have an ongoing relationship with this nursery, which shares some of the same Directors as AWIS, so will do what we can to facilitate a smooth transfer to school.