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School Fees

Limited vacancies in Foundation Stage (KG) to Year 6
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Limited vacancies in Foundation Stage (KG) to Year 6

An Application and Assessment Fee of QR500 is payable at the time students are assessed for admission.

Assuming a place is available, a one-off Registration Fee is payable at the time an offer of a place is accepted. Termly Fees are then payable three times per year, in advance.

All parents are required to sign a detailed Fee Policy and an Undertaking at the time of registration. This sets out in detail the obligations on both the school and the parents in all matters related to payments, refunds, discipline and sanctions.

Fees vary by age, but are in the approximate region of QR35,000 per year. Details are available from the School Office.


Fees for 2018/19

Parents should be aware that in December 2017 the school submitted an application to increase tuition fees for next academic year, as per Ministry of Education requirements for all private schools. This matter remains in the hands of the Ministry, who have yet to advise us of their decision. We will circulate the revised Fee Schedule to all parents as soon as these fees are approved.